Possible contributions to industry projects in these areas:

Building agility and resilience through business process management: Documenting process contexts, process stories, happy and sad paths, variations and exceptions, mishaps, supporting decision-making in time-constrained scenarios.
Typical projects: Business continuity, resilience engineering, service failure, safety, training, client-relationship management.

Taming organisational complexity through process modelling: Strategic/holistic analysis of complex processes and services, capturing high-level functions, changing the boundaries through virtual organisations.
Typical projects: Expanding process orientation and service orientation, process landscaping, change.

Process and knowledge management: Developing endogenous capabilities to capture, design and share process and service models, sensemaking, self-organisation, collaboration, collective intelligence, transparency.
Typical projects: Expertise, knowledge bases, new service development, standardisation, compliance.

Design of complex systems: Ethnographic research, work analysis and modelling of socio-technical systems, quantitative/qualitative evaluation.
Typical projects: Requirements specification/analysis, system evaluation.

Published by

Pedro Antunes

Associate Professor at Victoria University of Wellington, School of Information Management